Aug 08, 2014

Guys, I've tried to connect to mobile broadband, and no luck. I'm in Ireland, I'm using Meteor. It is a dongle connected via cable to my PC. On Win8.1 I simply plugged that in and installed software from that dongle and connection were established without any problem. Would really appreciate your help as I'm really dying to use Linux Mint I cannot access inernet from linux but can connect to internet from windows on a dual boot machine. I used to access the internet but suddenly it stopped.Please help. I use SUSE Linux 10.1 and my NIC SiS 900 based ethernet card. May 09, 2020 · Alternatively you can also press " Ctrl + D " to open the virtual machine settings. Choose the Network Adapter using which you wish to connect virtual machine to internet connection. Next select the Network Mode as NAT or Bridged. Click on Ok and save the settings. Your Linux system will most likely need a way to connect to the Internet. This is where an Internet Super Server comes into play. It offers Linux users two options for Internet access. The client/server architecture of Internet services requires the server to be up and running before a client makes a request for service. I try to connect using Network Connections and Ipv4 Settings, in Method option. I use Manual and put all the addresses which my Internet Service Provider has given to me, but whenever I am going to save the Save button grayed out. Sep 07, 2016 · Steps to fix wifi not connecting despite correct password in Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04 Basically, all you need to do here is: go to Network Settings choose the network you are trying to connect to I have set up Ubuntu 14.04 on hyper-v in Windows 8.1. I also have an external network switch linked to Ethernet. The internet and LAN works fine on my host windows 8.1 PC. But I am not able to use internet on Ubuntu hyper-v, although I am able to use LAN(internal network of my organization) on Ubuntu hyper-v. Please help me resolving the issue.

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