In order to access the edit function at my web hosting a/c, I need (in Global Storage Settings) to have 100KB on the disc space slider and also the box ticked for "Allow third party flash content" The box won't allow itself to be ticked in any of the aforementioned browsers although I can move the slider to 100KB.

The Global Storage Settings panel is the second panel in the Settings Manager Deselect the checkbox labeled Allow Third-Party Flash Content to Store Information On Your Computer. (Figure 1) Manage local shared objects in Flash Player Flash Player remembers your global storage settings and uses it for any websites you visit in the future. If you are unsure how much space to allow, but would like to be prompted tries to store data or increase the storage limit, move the slider bar to 0 KB. How to Enable or Disable Windows 10 Flash Player on

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storage request in adobe won't respond | Firefox Support Try to clear the Flash local storage and settings. Windows Control Panel > Flash Player > Storage: Local Storage Settings Remove a specific domain: Local Storage Settings by site Recommended Flash Player Settings : MLSListings Training

Aug 23, 2010 · However, when I pulled up the Flash Settings page and tried to change the Global Storage Settings, the panel wouldn't register any changes: I moved the slider arrow to "10MB" from "None" but then when I opened the panel again, it was back at "None"; this has happened every time I've tried.

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