- Troubleshoot your internet connection speed. Test the upload and download speed, test the ping, test the latency and send a full report to ISP if you notice that something isn't right. This is a good basis to get attention as you are dealing with facts. (You can use Latency Optimizer and Speedtest4free to save and compare speed and ping test

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Gaming Speed Test

Speed up online games. Before we provide a list of suggestions, tips, tricks, tweaks and tunes to get a boost and speed up your online game, it must be clear to every gamer that you shouldn't try to optimize, repair or fine-tine if there is really no need to do so. Speed It Up: Windows optimization, ram booster, internet cleanup, and hard disk speedup. Internet clean Up: Erase auto-fill form, erase visited URLs, erase cache, and erase history. HardDisk Speed Up: Quick defrag and Full defrag of drives. For comparison, tools have been provided to view total RAM, free RAM, and Virtual RAM. Oct 25, 2011 · One thing about online gaming is that your latency is of more importance than the speed of your broadband internet connection. For example, if you have a broadband internet connection that provides download speeds of around 7mbps, you still might not enjoy a better online gaming experience if you have poor latency. Feb 05, 2020 · And If some unnecessary app is causing the spike then consider uninstalling it altogether from the Control Panel. This way you will always be in control of your PC and it will eventually speed up your Windows 10 PC. 11. Use an Efficient Browser. Most of us use a web browser on our Windows 10 PC to browse the internet.

Apr 19, 2019 · Best Internet Speed for Gaming by System. Different systems and games have different internet requirements. That said, there are general guidelines that each company provides so that you can set yourself up for the best gaming experience.

Jan 24, 2020 Increase Internet Speed - How to Optimize Your Connection Doing multiple things that use a lot of Internet speed at the same time, like streaming, gaming, video-conferencing, and downloading large files. Connecting to Wi …