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Getaround Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www Getaround it’s a really bad scamm company, they are charging me fees of 90 euros for something that it was never explained me clearly, in the car description says that I could park on the same area of the pick up, and that’s what I did, it was saying “you can park on the same area where you pick up the car” so the owner complained to then and they charged me without any concern and explanation, and worst … Getaround Review| How to make money on Getaround Getaround pays you 60% of the rental fee, and they keep 40%. Pros of listing on Getaround Getaround renters are insured for $1 million in primary insurance, and drivers are screened to make sure they have a secure record behind the wheel. How do I leave a car review or feedback on a trip? - Getaround

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25/04/2020 · Getaround is a car rental service with a twist. Instead of using an established fleet of cars and a central business location, they make it possible for regular people to earn a little extra money by offering their cars as rental vehicles. Today, we have a Getaround review to share with you containing lots more detail! Getaround Review Summary. Getaround brings car rentals into the 21st century with a convenient, economical, and hassle-free rental system. For Car Owners. Car owners (who are not using their cars) help to reduce overall demand for more vehicles, and there 1152 reviews of Getaround "Such a great service - quality owners with quality cars, all facilitated by excellent technology and service by GetAround. I recently needed to take a short trip from Mission Dolores to Daly City, and GetAround was the…

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Getaround Reviews. 31 Reviews | 2.0 Rating Visit Site Company Reviews Reviews Questions & Answers Q&A Trust Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) Tell us about your experience with Getaround: Your name: Your e I generally don`t leave reviews, but this is a must, because I know how I felt before booking my first rental with Getaround. I have checked the reviews first, as many of us do and I got put down by previous negative comments. I do understand everyone has a different experience, but personally I can not recommend this app enough. Literally hustle free, transparent process/pricing, clear