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Dns.GetHostEntry Method (System.Net) | … 这可能会导致步骤 #3 失败并引发异常(存在 IPv4 地址的 DNS PTR 记录,但没有 IPv4 地址的 DNS A 记录)。This may cause step #3 to fail and throw an exception (there is a DNS PTR record for the IPv4 address, but no DNS A record for the IPv4 address). Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS Dynamic DNS 'Checkip' Service We've added the Dynamic DNS 'Checkip' service! We've received requests for a checkip service. To bring us in line with some of the other dyndns services, we've added this to the dns.he.net family of services. What is My DNS Server? Know 4 Methods to Check IP Address

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However, for most users, having a dynamic IP address is sufficient. When hosting a web server, such as a self-hosted website, API or gaming server, a dynamic IP address can create problems. A change in IP address can cause their DNS queries to fail

The idea of setting up a DNS can seem daunting. In this guide, we'll show you three methods to change the DNS settings on Windows 10 for more reliable and private resolvers.

2019-3-5 · DNS缓存不仅仅产生于操作系统,在浏览器和应用程序以及IPS网络运营商都会对DNS进行缓存,下面详细讲解这些DNS缓存的位置及清空的方法。1、浏览器DNS缓存的时间跟DNS服务器返回的TTL值无关。2、Application的DNS缓存是由应用程序控制