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Jun 17, 2016

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Data caps are the limit on which how much data you are allocated in a month by your ISP. Once you have exceeded your Internet quota for the month, you would often find that your connection is throttled (slowed down), or in some cases your data would be completely cut off unless you purchased additional top-up volume.

To limit bandwidth, open router dashboard from your PC and follow this: Login >> Wireless Settings >> QoS Setup >> Add MAC Address & put upload and download limit. I have taken that step by adding a few rules that actually do the speed management by dividing bandwidth to each of the people and on the first set of people you have to set the Jun 11, 2013 · Also, it allows you to access any website that is censored by the government or blocked by your ISP. From my understanding, the broadband limit is still there, because you know, you still logged to your ISP broadband. When they say unlimited, what they mean is that you can access, download and upload anything that you want without being restricted. Nov 29, 2015 · Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) fixes it as soon as possible. But what if your ISP limits bandwidth and blocks you accessing some sites or the whole Internet. It’s not confirmed yet that ISPs limit bandwidth (Internet speed) but it’s probably true by large number of Internet users.