Microsoft this week offered to pay Nortel $7.5 million for 666,624 legacy IPv4 addresses. The sale is pending approval by U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware as part of Nortel's

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Your device gets a real static IP address and all your data are routed via this secure encrypted tunnel. This is the way how the NAT / Firewall is bypassed and you can get always the same static IP from anywhere. The IP address is fixed and dedicated to you so you can use it for accessing remote systems. I don't think you can buy IP, from anyone but your ISP. IP is not a certificate in file. It's related to your physical internet connection, so you must ask your ISP if they have it. Private Internet Access is another good option for getting a U.S. IP address. It has solid security by default and that can be increased manually to the more secure AES 256-bit encryption. Purchase researched, clean, and usable IP address fully vetted by our expert IP researchers. Buy, lease, or rent as your capital situation and project plans dictate. Use our flexible IPv4 leasing program to acquire the exact quantity of IPv4 addresses you require for the exact duration you require. Buy IP addresses Buy IPv4 and IPv6 addresses IPient has a large inventory and client database of IPv4 addresses available. Let us know your requirements and we will assist you in finding the best possible match with the needed range and region. IPv4 Depot is the source for all your IPv4 requirements. We are a full service firm handling both purchases and sales of ARIN, APNIC, and RIPE IP blocks. Taking into account the increasing scarcity of IPv4 blocks in the market, we now offer leased IPv4 addresses for both short and long term use as well as IPv6 addresses. Buy IP addresses with Hilco Streambank. When you buy ipv4 space with us our IP brokers will work with you to make transfers in Arin, Apnic and Ripe simple and secure.