The user account you created During installation, is a member of sudo. If you want to add additional users to Sudoers, all you would need to do is add them to the sudo group using the usermod command. sudo usermod -aG sudo user_name Create Sudo User. Perform the following steps to create new sudo user in Ubuntu. Create a normal account: adduser

The second item will be to add the user to the sudo group outlined within the sudoers file. By default these members of the sudo group are granted the sudo access – on Debian and it’s offshoots. How To Add A User to the sudo Group. If you are looking for the quick answer – you want to add the user to the sudo group itself. Jul 04, 2018 · Editing /etc/sudoers directly will break things and is dangerous. Instead, try: EDITOR=nano visudo. Placing EDITOR in front of the visudo command will allow us to modify /etc/sudoers with Nano, rather than the Vi text editor. From here, scroll down and find “User privilege specification”. Jan 20, 2013 · Thanks for the help, what specifically would I have to put into the go file to add a user to the sudoers list? The reason I'm trying to do this is I usually remotely connect to my server via SSH under a non root user name and would like the ability to remotely reboot the server if necessary. Nov 20, 2019 · Using sudoers User Aliases. If we want to give Mary the same privileges, we could add a line in the sudoers file for the user account mary in exactly the same way as we did with Harry. Another, neater, way to achieve the same thing is to use a User_Alias. in the sudoers file, a User_Alias contains a list of user Apr 29, 2020 · These are a few advantages of being a sudo user. Now, let us go ahead and see how to add, delete and grant Sudo privileges to users in Linux. Add, Delete and Grant Sudo Privileges To Users In Ubuntu. First, we will create a regular user. 1. Add New User In Linux. First, create a regular user, for example “ubuntuserver”. To do so, run: Jul 15, 2020 · Add users to the /etc/sudoers configuration file to allow them to use the sudo command. For these users, the sudo command is run in the user’s shell instead of in a root shell. As a result, the root shell can be disabled for increased security.

As for adding users to /etc/sudoers this is best done by adding users to necessary groups and then giving these groups the relevant access to sudo. This holds true when you aren't using Ansible too. The user module allows you to specify an exclusive list of group or to simply append the specified groups to the current ones that the user already

The sudo command allows authorized users to perform commands as another user, which is by default the root user. There are two ways to add a user to sudoers : you can add this user to the sudo group or you can add this user to the sudoers file located at etc. Here are the details of the two methods. Dec 05, 2018 · Alternative: Add User to Sudoers Configuration File If there’s a problem with the wheel group, or administrative policy prevents you from creating or modifying groups, you can add a user directly to the sudoers configuration file to grant sudo privileges. Apr 26, 2017 · Save and exit the sudoers file. Now the next time we try and run the “sudo” command with the newly added user, it’ll allow us through. Adding a User to the “wheel” Group. Another option for CentOS users is hinted at in the sudoers file a little further down. It says: Mar 19, 2019 · Now you know how to add and create a user with sudo privileges on Ubuntu. Before sudo , users would log in to their systems with full permissions over the entire system with the su command . This was risky as users could be exploited by tricking them into entering malicious commands.

Aug 14, 2018 · The user is the currently logged-in user. The command list is a list of commands the user can run. The username and the command list are the most important variables. They control who can run sudo, and what commands they can run when using sudo. You’ll likely leave the hostlist and userlist variables set to ALL.

How to add a user to the sudoers list? Beleive it or not, this is a fairly common question and in all reality the answer is quite simple. Adding a user to the sudoers list on a fully installed Linux system such as Debian is only possible via the command visudo. Steps to Add a User to sudoers list in Linux 1. Create a User. Let’s first create a user for our tutorial. This is an optional step. If you already have a user to add to the sudoers list, then you can skip this step. We will use adduser command to create a user. You should be logged in as root or a user with sudo privileges to run these commands.