Oct 2, 2018 - Lo-D HMA-9500 First MOS FET Power Amp - 1977

HI-FI_音響 上的釘圖 Lo-D HMA-9500 First MOS FET Power Amp - 1977. kpapa Ampli. Hifi Amplifier Audiophile Audio Equipment High Vintage Design Playsuit Primitive. KENWOOD L-08M Monoblock Power Amp - 1980. Marcelo Rizzi audii. Sony Audio Technology Tech. SONY ESPRIT TA-N902 Power Amp - 1983. Lo Db – samyysandra.com [June 17, 2020] Lo Db |samyysandra.com

Lo-D HMA-9500の修理 (Jan 8, 2005) はじめに 既に四半世紀以上経過(1977年頃の発売)したと思われるLo-D(日立製作所)のメインアンプHMA-9500が持ち込まれた。

The Integrated Amplifier which polished up further the know-how acquired by HMA-9500, applied to the pre-main, and was developed. The power MOS FET which is the newly developed new power amplification element is adopted.

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