It's important that you don't have TWO devices on your network passing out IP Addresses. This second router will only be bridging the wireless and wired world at your house. It has no responsibilities around IP addresses. Here's an unnecessary diagram: You can use WiFi on either or both routers; just set different SSID, Channels, and encryption codes When setting the config's (both of them), be sure to set a new password which will disallow

My husband and I are NOT techies and all we want is to both we able to play against either other online on our respective PS4s in the same house - different rooms. We have xfinity, and just firgured our cheap little router they gave us was the problem. So we picked up this nighthawk router. We got the moderately priced option.

Jan 15, 2005 · I have 1 netgear and 1 linksys router hooked up to my modem, both routers are giving wireless access to several computers – we had a problem in that we thought both routers had to have static IP’s but it turns out that only one can have a static IP (or at least the same static IP) – now, one of them has a dynamic IP address (DNS remains static) and everything works again… the static IP

Apr 16, 2009 · hello, i have a problem using my d link dir-300 wireless router my computer are one connect to the dsl.and i have a interconnected computer using my switch hub.up an using the wireless network .I connect my laptop to the wireless d link and it is connected but with out internet connection .I connect a cross over to the port 1 of the the d-link and the other side to the switch .con you help me Apr 09, 2019 · As said, the second router increases the wireless range, and you can even daisy-chain a few routers using the same method. But you should know that your internet speed might suffer, especially if you have only one outbound connection. At the same time, two routers on the same network allow you to access all your shared files throughout the network. If your router is already in a central location, the slow connection might be due to obstacles in the house that can impede a WiFi signal. (See “ 5 Common WiFi Roadblocks & How to Fix Them Read more: The best Wi-Fi routers in 2020 To help you choose the best mesh Wi-Fi network system to meet your needs, here's a rundown of how your top options stack up, along with other Wi-Fi router