How to use proxy with Mozilla Firefox. In Firefox, go to Tools -> Options . Once the Firefox Options window is open, select Advanced -> Network and then click Settings. Inside the Connections Settings window, check the checkbox that says Manual proxy configuration

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How can I redirect the traffic of Firefox launched by Selenium in Python to a proxy? I have used the solutions suggested on the web but they don't work! I have tried: profile = webdriver.

Click the option for Manual proxy configuration.In the box HTTP Proxy enter our _Proxy IP address_ we noted earlier and put the _Port Number_ next to it.Click OK and return to your browser. You probably want to set the proxy to be used for all protocols, both HTTP and HTTPS connections as many websites are moving to use HTTPS these days. Webdriver and proxy server for firefox - Stack Overflow In addition in order to have firefox actually use the proxy "network.proxy.type" needs to be set to 1 as Praveen answer mentions or 2 if its a PAC as Saik0 shows. I use the DesiredCapabilities way of doing this as Dan Seibert's answer shows. – EGHM Dec 23 '15 at 3:01 How to Use a Firefox Proxy to Browse Anonymously That’s where the use of a proxy comes in. Installing a Mozilla proxy can shield your computer from potential threats online, allowing you to browse Firefox anonymously. This means you are less exposed and free to use the internet as you like. A Firefox proxy will also let you bypass online content that has region-specific restrictions placed Download Surfshark VPN for Firefox