DNS Made Easy set a new record as the fastest DNS provider for a year straight, while newcomer Constellix followed in second by just a few milliseconds. Both providers are subsidiaries of Tiggee, a software development firm in Reston. Constellix recently joined the ranks of the fastest providers according to SolveDNS at an average resolution time of 2.69 milliseconds during the month of August.

Well, it's just not which provider is the fastest. You see, speed is a relative term when it comes to DNS resolvers. When it comes to speed, a lot depends on how "close" you are, in network speed terms, to a given DNS resolver. If you're just down the road from an OpenDNS PoP, it will be the fastest DNS resolver. Best Choice for Upstream DNS Server? : pihole Sep 02, 2015 The Top 5 Best DNS Servers for improving Online Privacy

Managed DNS providers may also offer security features such as web application firewalls (WAFs), DDoS protection, web filtering and anti-malware. Many managed DNS providers specialize in failover, a common feature to ensure uptime by redirecting traffic away from endpoints that have gone down.

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DNS Made Easy has been globally ranked as the fastest DNS provider by third party monitoring firm SolveDNS. During 2016, DNS Made Easy remained at the top of SolveDNS’ list of the world’s fastest DNS providers and third for market share. SolveDNS monitors all the top DNS providers from seven different points around the world. Each month

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