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Question: RTE Player and VPNs : ireland Question: RTE Player and VPNs (self.ireland) submitted 1 year ago by singleglazedwindows. I'm living in the UK and struggling to find a reliable VPN to access the RTE player for such things as GAA, Rugby, Late Late Toy Show etc. I'd like to hear suggestions for VPN's (free or paid) that can successfully work the RTE player as my current one Irish Proxy Server for TV3 - YouTube May 06, 2015 RTE Player In Northern Ireland — MoneySavingExpert Forum Apr 18, 2016

RTE is one of the best networks in Ireland but it places considerable geographical restrictions when it comes to streaming its content from outside Ireland, which means if you are an Irish citizen on traveling or an Irish expat, you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows on RTE online.. You can stream RTE Player for free and quite easy but only if you change your current location to

Jul 21, 2019

Watching RTE Player, 3Player outside Ireland (Proxy) Hey guys, I'm one of the many who have moved away from Ireland to work etc, but I do like to watch some of the shows on RTE and TV3 online. I find it very very difficult to get a decent IP address to use as a proxy. Has anyone got any tips or tricks for this, or an alternative?

Also, VPNs hide your actual IP address and replace it with a different one from a country of your choice. Simply put, VPNs allow you to connect to an Irish server if you’re abroad. So it will seem like you’re still inside Ireland, and thus you’ll have access to RTE Player. You won’t miss a thing anymore. How to watch RTE Player abroad | What about free “proxies” You may have been told about free “proxies”. Unfortunately these don’t work because they only hide your web browsing location and the video streamed via RTE Player goes outside of that. This is how RTE Player knows you’re abroad even when using a free web proxy.