This article summarizes and draws connections among diverse streams of theoretical and empirical research on the economics of privacy. We focus on the economic value and consequences of protecting and disclosing personal information, and on consumers' understanding and decisions regarding the trade-offs associated with the privacy and the

How the Economist shaped the liberal mind It was in opposition to the Corn Laws of 1815-1846 – tariffs on imports of grain into Britain – that James Wilson, a Scottish hat manufacturer, founded The Economist: or the Political, Commercial, Agricultural, and Free Trade Journal. From the start, Wilson’s newspaper … The Economist - Digital and Print Bundle The Economist is a weekly newspaper that is devoted to covering political and financial events taking place around the world. Included in the magazine is coverage of world politics, articles on business and finance, and articles on advances in science and technology. The Economist is known well for publishing coverage of world politics. ‎Economist GBR on the App Store The Economist Global Business Review is a new bilingual digital app from the editors of The Economist Group. Each month, the best business, finance and technology articles from the weekly publication are selected and translated, and delivered to your mobile device with an intuitive and attractive user interface.

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